The best job and career sites in Australia

Knowing what are the best job and career sites in Australia will help kick start your job search quickly.

If you’re looking for a job, the internet is a fundamental way to uncover employment opportunities in Australia, accounting for 50 per cent of advertised jobs, if not more. Initially the amount of choice can prove overwhelming, but we’ve put in the hard yards for you and have developed a list of the best job and career sites around, based on Alexa website traffic data, starting with our top five.

1. SEEK – ranked 28 in Australia
SEEK is Australia’s number one amongst job search websites in Australia, with a ranking of 28 on Alexa’s most visited sites in the country and a reported share of 84.1% of Australia’s online recruitment services.12. It makes the top of the list based on these two factors combined. SEEK contains thousands of jobs across multiple industries, occupations and locations and is my personal go-to site when looking for a new job or when I want to browse the job market. It’s intuitive, easy to use and I love the clean layout that’s free of web banner advertising.

2. LinkedIn – ranked 20 in Australia
Though technically not a job board, according to Alexa, LinkedIn ranks number 20 on the most visited websites in Australia3. Kind of like a ‘Facebook for work’ it leverages the power of social media and networking, to help connect job candidates with each other and employers. There’s a great feature that recommends specific jobs for you based on information provided through your profile. The other great part about LinkedIn is that recruiters will proactively search for and message candidates through this platform, so it really helps to ensure that you get your profile looking sharp.

3. Jora  ranked 210 in Australia
Jora is a relative newcomer to the Australian jobs market but has seen a huge surge in popularity, currently placed at 210 on the Alexa rank4. Jora is an aggregator, sourcing advertisements from many job sites from around Australia. Partnering with SEEK, it is fast, has a simple and minimalistic interface, and is a breeze to use. Watch out for this one, highly recommended.

4. Glassdoor – ranked 615 in Australia
Glassdoor is also a relative newcomer to the Australian jobs, currently placed at 615 on the Alexa rank5. Its unique differentiator lies in its large database of company reviews, CEO ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, shared anonymously by past, present and prospective employees. The site provides job seekers with valuable insider information about the recruitment process and what it’s really like to apply for a job and work at a company. This transparency empowers candidates with information to decide upfront whether they should apply for a position and allows companies to acknowledge and work on feedback received, to ensure that they continue to attract the best candidates.

5. Jobactive  – ranked 615 in Australia6
This comprehensive Australian Government run website aggregates jobs found on other websites, such as CareerOne and Adzuna as well as including direct posts from employers. It’s supported the jobactive program, which is a network of government contracted agencies (slightly different from private recruitment agencies) that provide support to unemployed people with the aim of moving them into jobs7.

Source: Jobactive

Federal, State and Local Government Public Sector Jobs

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics there are around 1.957 million public sector employees in Australia, which accounts for up to 16 percent of Australia’s workforce8. Also, Public sector agencies often rank amongst the best employers in Australia, with consulting firm Randstad recently naming several public-sector agencies in its list of top 25 employers to work for9. The following government job boards are user friendly, clean, free of web banner ads and contain everything from jobs in administration, health, corporate support and senior management:

If you’re specifically interested in working for the community, social, environmental or not-for-profit sector, also check out:
Graduate and entry level jobs
These websites are targeted towards graduate and entry level jobs and are perfect for those looking for a new career fresh out of University:

One thing you’ll notice when searching for jobs online is that employers and recruiters, will tend to cast their nets far and wide and will advertise on more than one website to attract the best candidates. Generally, you’ll probably only need to use two or three websites to avoid the duplication encountered across different job sites.

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