Skills shortage list for Australia in 2018

Knowing what’s in the skills shortage list for Australia helps job seekers and prospective migrants, make good career choices and follow opportunities that are likely to lead to employment.

A skills shortage exists when there are not enough people with specific skills to meet job market demand and includes factors like difficulty in recruitment. To help identify these gaps, the Department of Jobs and Small Business carries out annual research to identify skills shortages in the Australian job market. Recent information published shows the following job and occupational categories to be in demand at a national level, which unsurprisingly, includes some of the highest paying jobs:

  • Design, Engineering, Science and Transport Professionals
  • Health Professionals
  • Legal, Social and Welfare Professionals
  • Engineering, ICT and Science Technicians
  • Automotive and Engineering Trades Workers
  • Electrotechnology and Telecommunications Trades Workers
  • Food Trades Workers
  • Skilled Animal and Horticultural Workers
  • Hairdressers

Source: 9News

Skill Shortages List Australia May 2018
The table below provides a comprehensive view of occupational and job skill shortages across Australia using three key ratings: (S) National shortage (R) Shortage in regional areas (D) Recruitment difficulty.

You may need to rotate your device to view the full table. The table search tool directly below allows you to narrow down results and find your job or occupation.

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