Top four ways to find a job in Australia

Looking for a new job? Here’s a run down of the top four ways to find a job in Australia.

For most of us, looking for a new job is never easy and often feels like a full-time job in itself, requiring planning, preparation and a lot of patience! The first series of posts will be dedicated to the art of finding job in Australia and will be packed with a tonne of useful information and pointers to help make this often-tough process easier.

Understanding how jobs are most commonly advertised in Australia and where to find them, is an important but comprehensive topic. The intention with this post is to provide you with an easy introduction and overview to help you kick-start your job hunt quickly.

Online job boards

According to research undertaken by the Department of Job and Small Business, it is estimated that half of all vacancies in Australia are advertised on the internet, which remains the most popular advertising method in the country1. Online job sites are by far the easiest and most obvious place to begin your job search, with the most popular website being SEEK followed by LinkedIn and Jora.

LinkedIn, an immensely popular professional social networking site as well as a job board, includes passive job search and headhunting features (i.e. companies will actively look for suitable job candidates), has become an excellent platform for finding work in professional and corporate industries.

Many medium to large Australian companies will have their own job sites, which can easily be found through a simple Google search. If you are looking for a job in the public sector, each state government keeps an extensive job board, for example Careers.Vic in Victoria and iworkfornsw in New South Wales. You can also check out the Australian Government run jobactive site, which also includes information about harvest trail jobs, as well as government initiatives available including training and apprenticeships.

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Networking is a powerful avenue for finding a job and research has estimated that as many as one fifth of positions, with some commentators reporting even higher numbers, are not formally advertised but rather, spread via word of mouth and networks2. The reason why this method works so well, is that hiring through personal networks has an inherent trust factor – would you risk your reputation and recommend someone to a job if they weren’t a good fit?

As a job hunter, you can put the feelers out and start by letting friends and contacts know that you are looking for a job. If you are currently employed and depending on your specific situation, you may want to keep this discreet. Start connecting with industry groups through LinkedIn, join professional associations in your state and start attending networked events. You will be surprised by the amount of opportunities that come your way just by tapping into networks.

Source: SWNS TV

Recruitment Agencies

Hiring a good candidate for any company is an expensive and time-consuming affair and many organisations outsource this task to third-party recruitment agencies, and the same research undertaken by the Department of Job and Small Business indicating that 15 per cent of vacancies are advertised this way3.

There are literally thousands of recruitment agencies in Australia working across every industry imaginable. You can submit your resume to any number of agencies, but it helps to remember that they are a business, that serve their clients as well as you, and make commissions from placing candidates. Providing that an agency believes that they can place you, they will put in the hard work for you and recommend you to companies that they have relationships with.

Unfortunately, not all recruitment agencies will see potential in you. The key is to find a recruitment consultant(s) that is interested in what you have to offer, who in turn, will want to form a relationship with you and guide you towards a position that matches your experience and your expectations.

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Newspapers and Magazines

Most of you will be aware of the current decline of physical newspapers around the world and the rise of digital media. Newspapers wouldn’t be the first place I would look for job openings, but nevertheless, many employers still advertise jobs in print, especially for senior or executive positions in Metropolitan areas (The Australian, The Economist, The Age etc.) and in regional areas where they are looking to attract local candidates. Most employers who advertise job openings in newspapers will also advertise online.

To avoid feeling like you’re banging your head against a brick wall, follow the research and focus your energy in the right places: start by jumping on online job sites, arrange to meet a few recruitment agencies and network like crazy.

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