#DearSam, volume one – your career questions answered

Welcome to the very first DearSam series which seeks to address work and career questions that were directly sent through to us or answered through one of our favourite websites Quora. Since we’ve posted recently about the topic of recruitment agencies, we thought we’d continue that theme with our first series of questions and answers.

What are the chances of getting placed in a job if we contact a placement consultancy?1

Personally, I’ve found most of my jobs through placement consultancies or recruitment agencies and have used many to help fill positions in companies that I’ve worked for. It helps to remember though, that they are a business, that serve their clients as well as you, and make commissions from placing candidates. Providing that an agency believes that they can place you, they will put in the hard work for you and recommend you to companies that they have relationships with.

Unfortunately, not all recruitment agencies will see potential in you. The key is to work on making yourself as ’employable’ as possible for the industry you’re looking to work in and approach several agencies (it also really helps to be introduced to an agency through one of your networks) until you find a recruitment consultant(s) that is interested in what you have to offer. They will in turn, want to form a relationship with you, advise and guide you towards a position that matches your experience and your expectations. If you find a consultant that believes in you (subject to things like economic conditions, demand in your field etc.) your chances become considerably higher.

The great news here is that the hospitality sector is a large employer in Australia and jobs are ever in demand. Here are a number of good hospitality specific recruitment agencies that you can look into: Pinnacle People and Alliance Catering (a brand of the ASX listed Spotless group) are recruitment and staffing agencies with huge nation reach. They have relationships with some of Australia’s biggest hospitality brands in Australia and recruit anything from food and beverage attendants, chefs, baristas through to management positions. Two other specialist hospitality recruiters include Frontline Hospitality and Hospoworld Resourcing.

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